TechVista has spent the past two decades serving global brands as their technology partner of choice, and has accumulated invaluable domain-specific experience in multiple industry verticals. Whether you are a fashion retailer or a CPG company, TechVista’s expertise makes all the difference. By implementing numerous information systems for businesses, we have developed sophisticated deployment methodologies that centralize your business information in a single data store, allowing you to implement cross-channel order fulfilment and provide your customers with a brand experience that remains consistent across all channels.

CommerceLink: a smart connector for rapid
omni-channel integration

In addition to implementing unified commerce from the ground up using a single information platform, TechVista Systems offers CommerceLink, a pre-built intelligent integration tool that leverages your existing ERP and e-commerce investments to enable omni-channel capabilities. CommerceLink keeps your ERP and e-commerce platforms synchronized in real time, allowing you to perform detailed reporting and forward-looking analyses on a single, unified view of your entire multi-brand business. One key advantage of this approach is that you can continue to use your preferred ERP and e-commerce technologies without keeping each system’s business data locked away in separate information silos.


CommerceLink for Magento simplifies your unified commerce journey, allowing you to achieve real results right away.

  Salesforce Commerce Cloud

CommerceLink for Salesforce Commerce Cloud makes omni-channel enablement a reality for your organization, without needing to discard and replace your entire ERP or e-commerce infrastructure.

Core Features

By keeping the customer experience front and center, our approach to unified commerce implementations helps us deliver responsive, high-performance solutions to our clients.

  •   Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI)

    Receive advanced reports and crucial insights into sales trends, consumer purchasing preferences, and performance of channels, regions, stores, and personnel to achieve a comprehensive, real-time understanding of every aspect of your business financials and operations.

  •   Supply chain & logistics

    Keep track of company-wide inventory levels, avoid supply chain bottlenecks, and maximize customer satisfaction by ensuring that each outlet and distribution center carries the right quantity and assortment of your products.

  •   Contact center

    A common inventory and data store for your entire company’s transactions simplifies order entry, processing, and fulfilment, while providing support for the cross-channel fulfilment options that today’s customers demand.

  •   E-Commerce

    Real-time personalization and fully integrated search capabilities keep customers engaged and drive traffic to your online store and retail locations.

  •   Point of sale (POS)

    A detailed history of each customer’s buying patterns across all channels produces relevant recommendations and fosters brand loyalty.

  •   Salesforce Automation

    CRM automation generates invaluable customer insights, deepens overall understanding of your sales pipeline, and encourages sales growth.