Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a leading ERP solution that is used around the world by businesses of all sizes. Organizations that operate online stores using enterprise e-commerce technologies such as Magento and Demandware are beginning to discover the power of unifying their ERP and e-commerce information systems. Combining these two platforms would allow them to centralize information from all their sales channels, achieve a single view of their entire multi-brand operation, and receive real-time business insights that eliminate delays in decision making. TechVista has developed CommerceLink – a smart connector that integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 with major e-commerce platforms.

REAL-TIME INTEGRATIONKeep your existing e-commerce solution synchronized perfectly with Dynamics 365

CommerceLink securely integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 with your preferred e-commerce platform, automatically and seamlessly synchronizing them in real-time. Optionally, CommerceLink can also be configured to use scheduled batch transfers that pull securely formatted data at regular intervals. Any transactions from your online store are sent to Dynamics 365, which acts as the system’s primary data store. Similarly, any relevant changes to ERP information are sent to your e-commerce platform as required.

Dynamics 365 seamless integration with E-commerce

BENEFITSPlatform integration offers faster fulfilment, omni-channel enablement, and improved visibility

  • Gain the benefits of information integration and omni-channel retail without compromising on your choice of ERP or e-commerce technologies.
  • Maintain a single version of truth for your entire business, without slow, costly, and error-prone manual transcription.
  • Implement omni-channel order fulfilment, item refunds, and other complex business processes.
  • Generate advanced reports and forecasting by integrating all customer, order, stock, and financial information.
  • Centralize all inventory, product catalog, and retail channel management.
ERP, Ecommerce integration benefits