Today, securing a competitive advantage in retail depends on improved customer service, reacting to sales trends with agility, and supply chain optimization. EdgeAX, TechVista’s retail-specific ERP solution extends and specializes Microsoft Dynamics 365 so that each of its features fits retailers’ business needs precisely. Dashboards and analytics helps retail brands understand their customers quickly and clearly, making it easier to optimize product pricing, stock levels, and personalized e-commerce.

OMNI-CHANNELEdgeAX customizes and unifies ERP, omni-channel commerce, and analytics to drive retail growth

Traditionally, retail operations manage each sales channel separately, and lack the detailed metrics to make intelligent pricing and supply chain decisions. This traditional model requires a complete transformation that results in:

  • A more consistent customer journey across all in-store and online sales channels
  • Cross-channel order fulfilment options
  • Monitor every aspect of your business operations in real time.
  • Smart sourcing and shorter replenishment cycles

Built on TechVista’s expertise in technology consulting and development, EdgeAX streamlines your organization’s journey of digital transformation. Leveraging the cloud-based architecture of Microsoft Dynamics 365, EdgeAX provides decision makers in retail enterprises with up-to-the-minute information on performance metrics, stock levels, customer buying patterns, and much more. Equipped with the power of these critical business insights, retailers can quickly make important business decisions, and secure a competitive edge.


Our Clients

RETAIL SUPERIORITYUnified cloud technologies for omni-channel operations and enhanced information access

EdgeAX resides in the cloud, allowing you to access vital business reports and dashboards on virtually any device, in the office or on the go. This powerful retail ERP solution improves customer satisfaction and brand loyalty by assisting you in discovering their needs and meeting their expectations.

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TechVista simplifies your transformation with these technologies:

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Azure
Edge Ax
Power BI

CORE SOLUTIONSEdgeAX: TechVista’s vertical retail solution for Dynamics 365

Transform your digital retail presence quickly and easily with EdgeAX for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  •   Product Lifecycle Management

    Embedded product masters and design specifications

  •   Advanced Supply Chain

    Supply chain enhancements for greater operational efficiency

  •   Retail Analytics

    Real-time analytical insights into all aspects of your retail business

  •   Commercelink

    Simplified cross-channel fulfilment and channel management

  •   Partnerlink

    Streamline partner communication with our powerful web-based EDI solution