Built upon Microsoft Dynamics 365, TechVista Systems offers the ultimate solution that grants organizations access to intuitive tools including role-based, personalized dashboards and key performance indicators (KPIs) targeted to specific jobs performed by personnel. TechVista Systems’ HR and Payroll module for Dynamics 365 considers local legislation and unique requirements in the Australian market. It provides rich functionality for robust and localized payroll and HR processing.

BenefitsGive your employees a customer experience

  • Hire-to-retire processing
  • Quicker on-boarding
  • Manages skills and expertise
  • Easier appraisals
  • Employee self-service
  • Executive dashboard
  • Integration with time-and-attendance system
  • Data shared across modules
  • Complete audit trails
  • Attendance-based payroll generation
HR & Payroll Benefits

Our Clients

Key Features

Create an efficient paperless work environment

  •   Forecasting and Budgeting

    Provides a framework for budget controls, staff planning, headcount management, labor cost control, budgeting for governmental entities to cater numbers, types, titles, grades, dates of recruitments, position budgeting, and financial budgeting against positions compensation.

  •   Attendance and Leave Management

    Helps organizations easily track and monitor absenteeism and employee leaves across multiple locations, and captures data from any electronic attendance-tracking machine.

  •   Loan Management

    A customized loan management and planning system caters to different types of loan structures, including a workflow-based request process, applications, and deductions. All processes are integrated with payroll.

  •   ESS (Employee Self-Service Portal)

    Allows employees to access and manage their employment-related information, and allows employees to carry out multiple workflows including approvals, reports, timesheets, etc.

  •   Employee allowance and Benefits

    Define ultimate types of earnings and deductions, grade-based allowances, employee cash allowances, and employee benefit programs.

  •   Appraisal Management

    Provides operational visibility to improve decision making and ensure that workforce decisions are aligned with objectives and strategies.

  •   Payroll Processing

    Supports a comprehensive range of payroll calculations and provides complete integration with the attendance system.

  •   Recruitment

    Gives organizations the necessary tools to define and execute a successful recruitment strategy.

  •   Training and Development

    Responsible for maintaining up to date training schedules.

  •   Employee Profile

    Maintains a complete employee database.

  •   Final Settlement

    Allows organizations to manage employees’ final settlement.