Keeping ahead of customer trends is the key to achieving success in the fashion industry. Leading global fashion brands rely on high-performance information systems that integrate supply chain, financials, retail, and other aspects of their business to produce a single view of their products, services, and operations. TechVista has used its many years of success in the fashion and apparel industry to develop EdgeAX, a leading cloud-based enterprise management solution designed especially for fashion labels.

Use real-time analytics to discover local trends, manage demand, and deliver “fast fashion”

TechVista’s EdgeAX is a unified ERP solution for the fashion and apparel industry that leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365, a leading cloud-based enterprise management platform. EdgeAX helps fashion brands identify important market trends, optimize product pricing and stock levels, and create a personal customer experience on mobile devices and online stores. By giving decision makers in the world of fashion clear, up-to-date information about their business operations, EdgeAX helps businesses respond to changes in demand and supply, reduces time to market, and synchronizes their supply chain across all sales channels.

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UNIFIED FASHIONIntelligent, cloud-based omni-channel integration of wholesale, e-commerce, and traditional fashion retail

TechVista’s EdgeAX solution gives fashion brands an agile and powerful enterprise platform that simplifies SCM, retail management, forecasting, and customer analysis. With cloud-based tools that you can access anywhere, at any time, you will always be ready for the next big trend in fashion. By optimizing your supply chain and pricing, your sales channels will experience fewer out-of-stocks, improving sales, brand image, and customer satisfaction.

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TechVista simplifies your transformation with these technologies:

Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Azure
Edge Ax
Power BI

CORE SOLUTIONSEdgeAX: TechVista’s vertical fashion retail solution for Dynamics 365

Transform your digital retail presence quickly and easily with EdgeAX for Microsoft Dynamics 365

  •   Product Lifecycle Management

    Embedded product masters and design specifications

  •   Advanced Supply Chain

    Supply chain enhancements for greater operational efficiency

  •   Retail Analytics

    Real-time analytical insights into all aspects of your retail business

  •   Commercelink

    Simplified cross-channel fulfilment and channel management

  •   Partnerlink

    Streamline partner communication with our powerful web-based EDI solution