VisiAnalytics is TechVista’s forward-looking Analytics & BI solution for retail, fashion, and apparel businesses. With over 2,500 metrics and hundreds of KPIs, reports, and dashboards, VisiAnalytics is a high-performance, cloud-based BI platform that provides a single view of your business operations across all sales channels.

POWERFUL PLATFORMA full-featured, high-performance analytics solution

With a high-end database powered by Amazon RedShift and MicroStrategy analytics for self-serve BI, VisiAnalytics is a sophisticated, end-to-end BI & Analytics solution that deploys rapidly and easily. No matter how large your team is, this powerful, cloud-based solution delivers advanced reporting and business insights at peak performance and excellent value.

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PERFORMANCE AT ANY SCALEPredictive analytics for businesses of any size

Enjoy the benefits of advanced cloud technologies and decades of industry experience. VisiAnalytics takes just weeks to deploy, and doesn’t require dedicated support staff or investment in new hardware or software capital. Because of its scalable design, both mid-sized businesses and large enterprises can use VisiAnalytics to improve their margins and grow their business. Please contact TechVista Systems today to schedule a demo and learn more about the benefits of choosing VisiAnalytics.

MAJOR FEATURESGain a deeper understanding of your customers and supply chain

Use up-to-the-minute information on sales and product inventory to achieve results faster. Accurate reports and analytics help you match supply to demand and discover best-selling items in different retail markets. With VisiAnalytics, you can make the right business decisions with confidence.

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Inventory Health

Find supply chain issues and monitor stock levels with ease.

  • Get real-time information on allocated, in-transit, in-store, and distribution center inventory
  • Plan and execute markdowns
  • Perform detailed sell-through and replenishment order analyses
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Customer Insights

Learn how effective your marketing campaigns are, and how often, how recently, and much your customers make purchases.

  • Discover how your customers interact with each of your retail channels
  • Use RFM analysis to optimize customer segmentation
  • Receive detailed analytics on promotional campaigns
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Market Basket Analysis

Identify products that sell well together, and which items to recommend to specific customers.

  • Pinpoint transactions that contain products that are usually sold together
  • Calculate the probability of a product being sold in one transaction
  • Determine the core frequency and affinity of items