Accurate and up-to-date information is a necessity for making sound business decisions. Instead of relying on manual analysis or separate analytics solutions for different departments or sales channels, a unified view of your entire business yields a much clearer understanding of your customers, products, and financials. Today, grocers require real-time predictive analytics technologies to improve operational agility and leave your competitors behind.

REAL-TIME METRICSKPIs and metrics that help grocers discover market trends and drive sales growth

VisiAnalytics helps CPG businesses make fact-based decisions and take effective action. Built on powerful cloud technologies including Microsoft Power BI and Microsoft Azure SQL, our BI solution continuously monitors more than 2,500 data points and critical KPIs from multiple sources. These important metrics help you set optimal product pricing, streamline replenishment schedules, discover customer preferences, and much more. These actions result in improved margins, quicker reactions to market changes, and higher customer approval ratings. Our pre-built dashboards and reports can also be extended and customized using flexible self-service BI capabilities. Here are a few examples of metrics that VisiAnalytics tracks to help you make better business decisions:

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Daily Sales Flash
  • Store performance summary
  • Key sales KPIs, including GM%, ADT, AUR, UPT
  • TY vs LY comparison for key KPIs
  • Top and bottom stores by sales
  • Hourly sales and GM trends
  • Time hierarchy drill-down options
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Store Operations
  • Holistic view of daily store operations
  • Store-level information drill-down
  • Traffic counts and conversion rates
  • TY vs LY operational store analysis
  • Hourly sales, traffic, and conversion trends

BUSINESS BENEFITSImprove customer satisfaction and sales growth with real-time analytics

From marketing campaigns to order fulfilment, VisiAnalytics gives you the information you need to move your business forward. Here are some of the key benefits that VisiAnalytics customers use to achieve success:

  •   Improved Margins

    Use consumer buying patterns and store stock levels to find ideal price points and product mixes for each region and retail location.

  •   Targeted Marketing

    Simplify A/B testing and fine-tune your marketing campaigns using real-time metrics. Find out which marketing methods generate the best response.

  •   Store Performance

    Improve customer segmentation using store sales history. Find out which products sell well at each retail location. Formulate plans that use local variation in demand to maximize sales.

  •   Product Profitability

    Discover real margins for your entire product catalog by analyzing purchase, discount, and retail prices.